In a post-Roe world, we need to be better at marketing healthcare to women

by | Aug 3, 2022 | In The News



In her latest Op-Ed in Campaign US, our Chief Vision Officer and fearless leader Diana Brooks’ assertive and poignant words remind us of the power of advertising, and how we should be speaking to women about their health in a post-Roe world.

She reminds the reader that:


“By now we women know that we can’t ‘have it all’ without making certain sacrifices, to ourselves and to others, in our work lives and in our personal lives. We also know that we can’t be expected to strive to make sure the world is a better place unless we’re doing all we can to first make sure we ourselves are well — physically, spiritually, emotionally.”

And she gets blunt with the painful facts about women’s health, for instance:


“Fact: Women significantly pay more for health insurance than men — because we have babies and need maternity coverage. In this world, motherhood is a preexisting condition.”

When marketing healthcare to women, she encourages marketers to “work overtime to make sure that those messages speak to women in a way that is real, that resonates, and that makes a palpable difference in women’s lives.”




Diana Brooks

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