4 Mental Health Platforms on the Rise in 2023

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Despite targeted ads, recommendations from friends, and research binges, it can be hard to pin down the right mental health platform online in 2023. 

Sometimes too many options can be confusing. But one thing is certain: whether cultural or personal, everyone has preferences. Many patients gravitate toward wellness platforms with therapies catered to them or their community. 

And the healthcare industry has caught on—with mental health platforms focusing on specific audiences or mental health needs in 2023. Patients can now find effective, once-elusive mental health therapies via digital means.

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What is the best online platform for therapy?

4 Mental Health Platforms on the Rise


Radical Health



What is the best online platform for therapy?

Talkspace and Betterhelp have become giants in the wellness space by providing online therapy that’s accessible for the general public. Many might consider them the best online platforms for therapy on this basis alone. If measured purely by accessibility and cost, this is probably true.

In 2023, more specific demands have come into view. And brands who addressed these demands have gained traction—often serving smaller, key demographics.

The rise in telehealth has transformed access to mental health treatment. A key population it’s helped is young people. Consider that:

“Fifty-five percent of child psychologists accept insurance; the rest are out-of-network with out-of-pocket costs ranging from $150-300 per hour.”

Add the cost of time, gas, and coordinating your schedule on top of that. A 2022 survey even found that co-pays, childcare costs, and other financial stressors are causing people to cut therapy. 

Whether it’s talk therapy for a targeted demographic or something a bit newer, like neurobehavioral interventions offered digitally, the rising options for mental health platforms make 2023 look quite exciting.

So we came up with our own list—one a bit more true to consumer wellness perspectives in 2023.

4 Mental Platforms on the Rise


white woman with her arms open and her hair in a bun with a mental health platforms logo above it

Providing Patients with Clinically-Proven Neurobehavioral Interventions Digitally

With a holistic approach to wellness catered to specific demographics, Curio exemplifies digital healthcare’s trajectory in 2023.

Curio launched a series of cleverly developed digital products to provide mental health support for specific communities. The health and wellness company deems them “clinically validated neurobehavioral intervention programs for women.”

What most stood out to us at T3E was their partnership with clinical psychologists to develop solutions backed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other neurobehavioral interventions that address the needs of both mind and body.

(See: What Wellness Means to Consumers in 2022 for more on DBT)

Some of the digital products Curio offers:

  • MamaLift is an evidence-based program proven to reduce the risk of experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety during pregnancy or following delivery.
  • MamaLift Plus uses neurobehavioral interventions to treat patients with perinatal mood disturbances.
  • MamaLift Predict is a validated algorithm for populations that has demonstrated success in identifying and stratifying women at risk for postpartum depression.
  • Source: Curio

Radical Health

mental health platforms logo over an image of a back woman holding her phone with a black man whispering in her ear

A Companion App Taking a Relational Health Approach to Mental Health Services

At The 3rd Eye, we’re big proponents of incorporating relational health into your approach and message. Whether a healthcare marketer, brand, or medical professional—relational health helps connect the healthcare industry to the communities we serve. (See How Relational Health Leads to Cultural Competence in Marketing to learn more.)

With Radical Health’s platform, they’re looking to “engage, equip, and empower all people to understand and advocate for themselves in health care.” 

Introducing community to the platform encourages patients to connect with others while seeking mental health intervention. And their AI-chat assistant helps patients advocate for themselves when seeking mental health treatment.

That’s how you incorporate relational health skills: by not only listening to our communities, but empowering them to be vulnerable, honest, and most importantly: emboldened.

Their founder, Ivelyse Andino, noted a pattern that we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts (On Minority Mental Health, On Relational Health). She tells us:

“Black, Brown, and Latinx folks have long lacked the resources necessary to navigate the health-care system. At the time, I wasn’t sure how to fix this lack, but I knew I wouldn’t find the answer alone…

Connecting in [a] vulnerable way with strangers showed me the healing power of my community. I heard repeated tales detailing a deep mistrust in the health-care system. And the data backs up these feelings.”


Approaching healthcare in this way not only helps individuals that make up the community, but the community as a whole. 


Oye logo over an image of 5 hispanic friends smiling in miami

Creating a Community for Hispanic Youth to Talk About Mental Health

As Miami natives and wellness aficionados, Oye is a fan-favorite among The 3rd Eye employees. It’s a bilingual wellness app catering to hispanic communities created by Colombian Singer J Balvin.

“This year, he launched Oye, the very first bilingual wellness app for Latinx communities with a mission to “enable Latinx and Gen-Z youth to learn how to feel better, unlock their creativity, and transform emotions through creative actions.”


It’s a captivating example of celebrity-turned-entrepreneur ventures—one where a dedication to his community shined through as its driving force. Like we’ve discussed in past blog posts, minorities experience a significant disparity in healthcare. And to compound the issue, there’s a stigma against seeking mental health treatment in hispanic communities.

(See: Minority Mental Health: Get To Know the Facts to learn more)

With this in mind, a platform like Oye isn’t just welcome, it’s necessary.


Maven logo over an image of a black woman playing with her son while his father looks at them smiling

Helping Employers Provide Financially-Viable Family Care Benefits

Maven prioritizes mental health—but their platform goes beyond that.

Maven provides a new kind of platform for family care. They craft equitable plans for employers—so employees can attain care for their unique challenges. 

The unique end-to-end platform provides comprehensive family care, keeping in mind the various unique paths people take when building families.  

Their innovative financial solutions empower employers to provide more inclusive benefits for fertility treatment, adoption, surrogacy, childcare, or travel expenses.

A recent testimonial on their site highlights the true difference these benefits can make:

“During a routine check-up early in her pregnancy, [Pamela’s] doctor delivered the unexpected news that her pregnancy had stopped developing—she miscarried.  Pamela turned to Maven… Her Care Advocate enrolled her in Maven’s pregnancy loss program and connected her with a therapist to help her cope with her loss. ‘That was really, really helpful in my recovery to just be able to talk to someone about it,’ says Pamela. ‘I just felt like Maven really got what I was going through.’” 


With platforms like Maven, employees building a family can not only find the inclusive care they deserve but also afford it.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, 2023 is looking like a promising year for mental health platforms.

Talk therapy and other mental health treatments via digital means may not always be a perfect substitute for in-person treatment. Still, it’s far more accessible and often more affordable than in-person options.

And better yet, it can be a tool for building community and connecting with like-minded people.

Need help connecting with your community to market your mental health platform? Maybe we can help. Send us a message here.



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