Mastering Provider Marketing: Balancing Function and Emotion for Growth

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Provider marketing refers to the strategic efforts of healthcare providers, such as medical practices, hospitals, clinics, and individual healthcare professionals, to promote their services, attract patients, and build relationships within their target market. 

The formula for success within this category is a bit oversimplified.

Search + Social + Listings + Reviews = Growth

This playbook is tried and true, and has proven to be the basis of any form of provider marketing. As long as people can find you and hear about other patients’ experiences, the plan should work. 

The problem? Everyone approaches the goal of driving patient growth in the same way. What is often forgotten is how providers, like any brand, should toggle between the functional and emotional spectrums of communication, in order to find success. 

In essence, being focused on acquisition does not build a brand, it builds a short term business funnel. Brands care about story just as much as they do about table stakes. Businesses focus on the next patient, not on keeping the last one. 

Our experience has taught us that provider marketing is most effective when it prioritizes:

  1. Quality
  2. Credibility
  3. Convenience
  4. Affinity
  5. Impact


​​Highlight your practice’s commitment to clinical excellence, patient safety, and positive outcomes. Showcase any relevant certifications, accreditations, awards, or affiliations that demonstrate your practice’s adherence to high standards of care and commitment to continuous improvement. Establish that a patient can expect care that goes beyond their perception of value. 

Key Tactics: 

Reviews, Testimonials, Video Content, Referals


We’ve seen business models deemed “too good to be true.” This creates an uphill battle for marketers and physicians alike. When establishing credibility, do not solely prioritize that which makes you unique – speak to to what helps make patients feell you are accessible and real.

Key Tactics:

Website, Brochures, Word of Mouth, and Blog Content


Through years of research, we’ve unraveled that at the core of every patients needs is the desire to simply have access to the care they seek. Common questions asked by patients are: How close to home is this location? What does parking look like? Is it easy for me to schedule an appointment? Will someone pick up the phone when I call? Ensure that you are answering these questions to highlight how easy and available care from your practice can be. 

Key Tactics:

Website, Listings, Call prompts, Emails, and Social Media


By ensuring a welcoming and supportive environment, and maintaining open lines of communication, any practice can cultivate strong emotional connections, ultimately leading to increased patient loyalty, satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth referrals. But don’t forget to amplify this connection, utilizing storytelling and patient testimonials to humanize the practice and showcase real-life experiences.

Key Tactics:

Video Content, Testimonials, User Generated Content, and influencers


It’s not talked about enough, but a medical practice should focus on the community around them. What can you do to make a positive impact to the people in your community, city, or neighborhood? Find a way to align your community efforts with your brands core principles so that it feels authentic and not a play for public opinion. Patients like to know their doctors are active in the community. It brings out a sense of pride. 

Key Tactics:

Public Relations, Social Media, Sponsorships, and fundraisers

In conclusion, while the formula for success in provider marketing often revolves around search, social, listings, and reviews, it’s essential to remember that true success lies in balancing both the functional and emotional aspects of communication. By implementing these strategies effectively, medical practices can not only attract patients but also establish themselves as trusted partners in the journey toward better health outcomes and stronger communities. 



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