An Open Letter from our Pride ERG

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An Open Letter to our extended T3E Fam from PRIDE @ T3E…

First of all, Happy Pride Month! ️‍ Given the political climate surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community right now, we struggled with how to observe Pride in a meaningful way. We wanted to balance the joy and celebration that this month brings but also address the challenges we’re facing. That said, we decided to combine some of the fun activities Pride Month has to offer while also giving our employees a space to share an open dialogue.

If you’re wondering how you can also have a profound impact this month, we encourage you to make a donation to The Trevor Project which provides counseling, information, and tools for young people in the community. 

Lastly, we leave you with this quote as a reminder of what this month really is about…

“Remember that being LGBTQ is not just about the bedroom. It is about being authentic and not having to lie or hide who we are. It’s about living, loving and expressing ourselves freely and openly, and that affects us all.”

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