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As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s impossible not to look back at the incredible journey of our agency and the work we’ve had the privilege to create. 

From reaching the senior market like ever before to creating more relevant content for digital channels than ever before, the past year has been a testament to our commitment to creativity, innovation, and client success.



In an effort to engage an ever evolving senior audience during the Annual Election Period in 2023, we began planning and strategizing our approach as early as March of last year. THE 3RD EYE worked with one of the largest Medicare Advantage Plans in the state to launch a new campaign entering Q4 that was rooted in analysis.

We conducted a quantitative study to better understand consumer behaviors, media consumption, and general pain points for the senior population in the Medicare Advantage marketplace. These learnings informed our agency teams to ensure our approach would connect with the consumers in Florida.

We then took three creative concepts into testing, putting them in front of a diverse panel of our key demographic: seniors across the state of Florida. The concepts consisted of a lifestyle approach, a traditional approach, and one that was meant to evoke a feeling of joy. After 15 groups in 4 markets, we landed on a concept that effectively resonated with senior consumers spanning varying demographics, ethnicities, races, and genders.

This concept, brought to life by a comprehensive media plan, yielded the best performing campaign for our client in the last 10 years — lowering Cost Per Call, Cost Per Record, and Cost Per Lead in a year where budgets were tighter.



One of the greatest passions everyone at the agency shares is scroll-stopping content creation. Coming into the year, we set out to create more content on behalf of the agency, but more importantly, of our clients. Social Media Platforms are filled with seniors and other population segments looking to live healthier lives. We’ve perfected reaching these potential customers through online channels; it takes a personal touch

Our creative department challenged ourselves to create at varying scales – from big production shoots to low-fi, short form content. Led by our integrated production team, the agency worked on over 150 hours of content and developed everything from the sizzle reel on this page to TikTok videos for one of the world’s largest cruise lines.



At THE 3RD EYE, we define wellness as anything that makes you feel good, so it was only fitting that we partnered with some “better for you” products to define brand strategies and key messaging. These efforts have allowed the agency to flex its creative and strategic prowess, particularly in a category that is often product-forward or consumer-centric. This will be something the agency ventures more into in 2024 as we work on beauty products, skincare brands, and more consumer packaged goods.

This recap is but a glimpse into the late hours, passionate discussions, and micro moments of evolution that our team experienced in 2023. And as we reflect on our success, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and gratitude for the incredible team that made it all possible. It is with them that every opportunity in 2024 becomes yet another win for THE 3RD EYE.



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