Focal Point Series: 2023 Health & Wellness Trends Report

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Insights



Consumers in 2023 have changed their understanding of what it means to be well. Mental health takes the spotlight in communities where it’s historically been strongly stigmatized, the creator economy yields a newfound influence on the public, and prevention matters more than ever.

COVID affected our lifestyle choices — but to what extent? It’s affected not just our behavior, but the motivations behind it. We’re shifting to more intangible health benefits, and we’re doing it to FEEL good, not just look good. New influences are impacting our decisions, and traditional ones have lost their sway for some groups.

Though more insured than ever, people still contend with time and cost as barriers — especially those in diverse communities. Despite these barriers to treatment, diverse communities care about their mental health, with Black and Latino respondents more likely to prioritize their mental health.

Our new white paper, “DEFINING HEALTH & WELLNESS, AND THE BARRIERS TO CHANGE” explores 2023 consumer trends in health and wellness based on a survey THE 3RD EYE conducted on adults ages 18-45. Learn what matters to diverse communities, if and how gender and ethnicity affect wellness behaviors, and how you can apply our findings to break through to health and wellness consumers.



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In 2023, minorities care more about mental health than ever

In 2023, minorities care more about mental health than ever