What are the ethical implications of weight-loss ads — and are marketers responsible?

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CCO Rob Canales just chimed in on an important topic for healthcare marketers in a recent Campaign US interview: the ethical implications of weight-loss ads.

“A high level of sensitivity and educational information is required to effectively advertise products like this.

Rob notes that body appearance alone is not enough information to make a conclusion about someone’s health.

“As marketers, our [responsibility] is simply to highlight the opportunity these products present in an ethical manner,” he adds.

“So as long as we understand the audience and their needs, and offer up educational resources and a credible solution to those needs, we are fine.”

How do we create responsible weight loss ads?

Rob tells Campaign US that weight-loss ads should avoid unattainable ideals, instead focusing on educating the consumer to help them make the informed, healthy decision.

“When advertising a product that may result in weight loss for consumers, it is important that marketers consider incorporating an educational communication and marketing strategy,” he says.

“When it comes to health and wellness, transparency and authenticity are key to gaining a consumer’s trust.

In a case like this one, consider defining this medication’s role and purpose, and perhaps even define obesity.”

To read more, visit Campaign US’s article here.



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